Border troops of the National Army

 I am doing this because it is about the 5 commandos of the border security of the GDR. This is part of the history of the GDR and will always appear in the history books.

Only our service hours, which we have in Berlin, the Green Frontier, the coast, or the socialist countries, are tied to annual figures. If some of you try to enter more than the border compartments, the search for the information begins (with 'it could be') and the question arises: "How was that again with me?"

And here I sat with the documentation, accessible to all intimate visitors.

Displacement from 1946 to 1990

Here I have started to make it easier for many, and a documentation for borderers - created by borderers, who display their details in their profile. Since 2010 year, I have gathered information about the 5 commandos of border security and arranged them in an overview with annual figures and commands, so as to have the information ready to call. I would gladly put them at your disposal.
If you want to contribute to this, you are welcome to do so, as this is the only way to get an overview of the deployment of border security

And here the link to the website: www.nva-grenztruppen.org up to the sale of the equipment and wall parts, with the transition to Mienensuche until 1995.


Project is discontinued, the data has been transferred to www.postentreffpunkt.de - Thank you